10 Simple Birthday Traditions for Kids

When you were little, your family would get together at different times throughout the year to do something that only your family would do. There were family traditions that were established on special occasions like your birthday. These traditions are still carried out today and bring back many fond memories. These are the memories you will always treasure. Grapevine has a broad selection of Escape Games. There’s something for all ages! There are exciting treasure hunts and games for kids, quizzes , and murder mystery games for adults of all ages, as well as specific products for celebrations of the season such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or Summer.

You will want to make those memories for your children because you know how important those moments were to you. You want to create special birthday traditions that they can carry with them throughout their lives, and then pass them on to their children.

How do you start a birthday tradition? It is not an easy task. We have the answers. You can find them here.

Remember that every child is unique. It is important that you establish traditions based on their interests.

Surprise: The Element of Surprise

This one is a little more spontaneous than the others. This is the nature surprise. Your child will only know that they will be surprised at their birthday. Every year, make it unique. Perhaps you can show up at the school and fill their room with balloons.

Family Heirloom

It’s a big deal for 16-year-old girls. The party should be extravagant. You can do the same thing with certain milestone birthdays and give each one a different family heirloom. Are you lacking family heirlooms to pass on? Make your own. Every family heirloom must start somewhere.

The “Yes” ticket

Give your child one or more tickets to use during the day when they wake up. This will ensure that they get a “yes” answer from their parents. This is great if your child isn’t a daredevil, and is usually reasonable.

Charity Birthday

Sharing your child’s big day with a child in need is a great way to teach them selflessness. You can find a local charity that helps children in need whose birthday falls on the same or near yours. Throw a party for both of them. This gift could even become a friend for your child.

Planting Party

Have your child choose a tree to plant each year, and invite them to a party. Although it may not be rewarding immediately, your child will remember each day and see the trees as an adult. You can do the same thing with your children. It is a wonderful reminder to “give life for life” and you may end up with a family forest.

Fun Photoshoot

Ask your child what foods, colors, toys and other things they enjoy. You can even chart their growth. As the background, write it on a large chalkboard. Next, ask a photographer to take photos of your child in front of the chalkboard. These photos can be added to a birthday album that records every birthday.

Sing a new song

Every family sings happy birthday, especially now that the song is public domain. You can add your own twist to your child’s birthday celebration by writing their own song. You don’t need to be a musician to create this song. Just be creative. You can add lyrics about your child to the song or make it a family song that everyone hears on their birthdays, including mom and Dad.

Hide and Seek

Open gifts and make it a game. You can hide them in different places around the house. Even include clues or riddles to help you find the gifts. You can even make a treasure hunt from it with map and clues if you are really creative. You can also try the scavenger hunting idea. This search is always a hit with kids.

The Final Countdown

A birthday countdown can be started a month before the big day or even a week beforehand. You can decorate a paper chain with your child, or redecorate a Christmas countdown clock to fit a birthday theme. Each day can be filled with a small surprise or chocolate.

Food Fun

Make every meal memorable for your birthday child, from breakfast to dinner and even dessert. Sprinkle colorful sprinkles on pancakes. Choose a present that your child can open at lunch. Have cake after dinner. Let your child make wishes for each meal by lighting candles.

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