Aquatic Robots

The contribution of robotics towards research has made quite the impact on the results that are achieved. The use of robots enables scientists as well as researchers to achieve milestones that we would otherwise not be able to achieve, either because of their complexity or the risks that would be involved if a human was to undertake them.

Take the robots in space for instance. They can move around and gather information for elongated periods of time, without posing any danger to any humans. They do not require food or oxygen to survive, and they can stay in space for as long as the need arises. They are very disposable because information is usually transmitted to earth as it is received, and this is mainly done by the help of cameras. This is such a big comparison to the other kinds of robots that are only programmed to perform specific tasks such as the palletizing robot.

Aquatic research

An aquatic robot is yet another kind of robot that is used to help scientists with research, particularly with the kind of research that is conducted under water. For a very long time now, submarines have been the primary tools for underwater exploration. However, submarines are not thorough in gathering information as they tend to be big and heavy, and this makes flexibility much more difficult.

Because of their size, they have a limited ability when it comes to collecting delicate samples and this in the end could result in having inconclusive findings. In addition, submarines often have tools that will require extensive training before a person can use them.

Humans have also undertaken the task of doing underwater research by diving. However, this method of using humans has proven to be a challenge because of the complications that come along with it. To begin with, there is the need to provide oxygen for the diver in order to keep him alive, then there is the issue of pressure, which limits just how deep a person can really go. When humans dive to conduct research, they have to stay within the stipulated time in order to stay safe, not to mention other risks such as weather hazards and dangerous aquatic animals.

Advantages of aquatic robots

Aquatic robots are however not faced with these kinds of difficulties are they are built with the exact specifications that enable them to survive the harsh underwater environment. They do not have the constrains of air or pressure, so they can be kept underwater for as much time as is needed. They are also not subject to underwater dangers. These robots can navigate with the use of some human help to the hardest areas of the sea to reach, and they are flexible enough to be able to collect samples and delicate specimen.

Numerous possibilities

Aquatic robots are however not just limited to ocean diving as they come in different shapes and sizes, so they can generally be used for all types of under-water activities, including ponds, dams, rivers, lakes and even pools if need be. Not only can they conduct research, but they can also do maintenance work under water for docks and ships. It therefore goes without saying that aquatic robots enable deeper, faster and cost effective marine exploration.

The use of aquatic robotics for underwater exploration comes with endless possibilities. It opens the world up to the vast and unexplored areas of the deep sea, it will provide findings that may help us in preserving marine life, especially those that are becoming extinct, and they will also help in finding some new perspectives on history, by finding never before seen material on the ocean floor such as the remains of prehistoric marine life, as well as ancient remains of shipwrecks or tsunamis.

Some disadvantages

Ultimately, the use of aquatic robotics does come with its fair share of challenges. For one, the material used in making the robots does not only have to be water proof, but it also has to be able to withstand salty water. In addition, in order to get it to work right, an underwater robot has to go through testing and adjustments, because land based sensors may not work the same under water.  

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