Madrid tourism

Travel Update

Trying to see all the tourist attraction in the city that is as huge as Madrid is a difficult task.  From the different museums to the conventional restaurants that are offering local cuisine.  No matter where you go, there will always be a place in Madrid tourism that draws in tourist and locals alike.  To make your vacation experience in Madrid a lot easier, below are some things that you shouldn’t miss.

Gran Via

The Gran Via extends from the prominent Metropolis up to Plaza de Espana that measures t around one kilometre.  Different establishments like casino, shops and bars can be found there.  The Metropolis building is the first part of the Madrid tourism on Gran Via.  The outstanding dome is accentuated by a statue made out of bronze.  Gran Via is also the home of the Grassy Jewellers.  Other notable part of this Madrid tourism spot are Museo Chicote, Hotel delas Letras, Telefonica,  Palacio dela Prensa, Torre de Madrid and the monument of Miguel Cervantes.

Visiting galleries and museum

It is essential for every tourist to visit the popular Art Triangle of Madrid.  The three vertices that make up the art triangle of Madrid are Reina Sofia, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Museo del Prado.  These three Madrid tourism spot is situated right in the Paseo del Prado.  However, the arts and culture of Madrid is not just limited to those three areas.  Caiza Forum is a unique place where you can appreciate the beauty of the Madrid art.

Drink a Beer

Drinking beer is one of the most preferred ways of the locals to relax.  The drinking of beer became more prominent during a chilly weather or when the bars and restaurants open their terraces.  Most of the popular places where you can grab a drink are La Latina, the bars in Cava Alta and Cava Baja.  Malasana is a place where you can find the modern bars and restaurants.

The City Park

Not everyone is aware that Madrid has a lush of greeneries.  The biggest park would be the Casa de Ocampo that measures at around 1,700 hectares.  That is generally 5 times larger than the Central Park.  The interior of the Casa de Ocampo is highlighted by a huge lake where you can find boats.  Madrid Zoo is also perfect to explore the diverse wildlife of Madrid tourism spot.

Treasure Hunting

One of the unique things that you can do in Madrid is to go on treasure hunting in El Rastro.  But this is not the traditional treasure hunting where you have to dig on the ground and search.  El Rastro is the oldest flea market in Madrid tourism.  This is the place where you can find antiques and other unique trinkets and items like vintage vinyl recording.