Organizing Your Studio Apartment using Velcro Cable Ties



If you have a studio apartment, it can be tough to figure out clever and effective ways to organize what you have using Velcro cable ties. When you have a small space it is important to be strategic about how you organize your stuff. This can be difficult if you do not know where to begin or you are unsure of how to organize.

It does not have to be difficult though. By following a few simple steps using our cable ties, you can easily organize your studio and make the most of the space that you do have. Here are some tips you can use to help organize your studio apartment.

Have Less Stuff!

One of the best ways to organize what you have in a studio apartment is to have less things. If you spend some time purging your belongings and reducing the amount of stuff you have, it helps to make it easier when it comes to actually organizing what your belongings.

Think about what you really value and what things you use regularly. You likely have items that you have forgotten about and no longer use. This is a good time to donate or sell the things you do not need anymore. When you have a small space it is good to prioritize the things you really care about and the things that you need to use. It gives you a good chance to evaluate your stuff.

Make Use of Wall Space without Cable Ties

When you have a small space you want to make good use of your wall space. You likely do not have a ton of floor space or any cable ties, so you want to make a good use of your wall space. When using your wall space it gives you a ton of extra options for storage.

Making use of vertical storage you can hang shelves or add hooks to your walls. Consider adding corner shelves to the corners of your walls so that you can make good use of the corner space.

Using your wall storage (with or without Velcro) is especially helpful in your kitchen. You can get a wall hanging spice rack or a wall based paper towel to give yourself more counter space. Being creative with your wall storage gives you more space on your floor, which makes your studio feel more open.

Declutter Things That You Have using Velcro Ties

Something that makes a space feel more confining and overwhelming is to have a lot of clutter around. Getting rid of visual clutter is important to keeping your space looking clean and preventing it from being visually overwhelming.

One thing you will want to consider concealing is cords and cables. If you have an entertainment system, consider using Velcro cable ties to secure your cables to keep them more organized.  This can help to keep your entertainment area less cluttered.

Store Things Out Of Sight

When you are storing your items consider storing them out of sight. This even includes when you are storing things on your shelves. Put the items you are storing in bins. This keeps them hidden and helps to make your space feel less cluttered.

If you have office supplies, storing them in a bin keeps them altogether and prevents things from getting misplaced. This is also a good solution if you have any tech gear like cables or extra computer gear, those can be wrapped with Velcro ties too.

When you do have to buy pieces of furniture, make sure that you are buying pieces that are multipurpose. You want to have pieces that can have hidden storage compartments. For example, getting a coffee table that has a hidden storage compartment is good for storing blankets or other items from around your home.

Final Thoughts

If you have a small studio apartment you may be worried about space and being able to store all of your stuff. While you will have a limited amount of space to work with, you can be smart about how you store what you have. With a little bit of effort, a strategy, and lots of Velcro cable ties, you can create a space that does not feel cramped or overwhelmed with stuff.

If you reduce what you have, make good use of vertical storage, and store things in places where they are not visible, you can create a space that you will love. The next thing you will need to be thinking about is maintaining your organization. After you have worked hard to clean and organize your studio, you will need to make sure to keep up with your organization. Keeping up with your organization means that you need to consistently be making the effort to put things back where they belong.