Post Cycle Therapy: Does Anavar need it?

Health Update

People are looking for a steroid which is milder compared to other steroids because most anabolic steroids are capable of giving side effects even after a short amount of time using it. this means that on top of experiencing its many benefits, you can experience some negative effects too if you use it improperly which can be very dangerous to your body and health. One of the mildest steroids today which is mostly used during cutting cycles is called Anavar and this is safer compared to other steroids that even women would use this in order for them to at least get the results that they need.

Cutting cycle is when a person would change their routines and exercises to something that would help them make their body look leaner and stronger while reducing their fats. This means that they are also using drugs or supplements that could aid them to get these results, and Anavar is one of the best drugs used for this. People have also been speculating whether or not they need to do a Post Cycle Therapy after using Anavar. Some would think that they don’t since it’s only a mild steroid that wouldn’t cause any major changes on the body, but some also are wondering when to start pct after using this. So what is the truth?

Do you need to do a PCT after using Anavar?

You should know that with lower or sufficient doses, Anavar is a very safe but suppressive compound. But not as suppressive as other steroids. It does not cause aromatization and won’t be disrupting your natural production of testosterone which means that you don’t really need to do a PCT. But if you are taking higher than normal doses, it is very possible that it could interfere with your testosterone production which means that you will also need to do a PCT just to be safe. But just to be sure, you can choose to do a PCT.

What is Anavar capable of doing?

Anavar is very popular for being one of the most effective fats burning agents. Not only that, it could help you very much when it comes to making your muscles look dry and cut. As long as you do the proper exercise and eat a healthy diet which means eating low carb foods since your goal is to lose unwanted fats. Your gains will stay especially because some steroids used for bulking, when stopped, means that your hard-earned muscles can disappear. So, Anavar does a lot to help in this aspect.

Anavar for Women

Because of the fact that it is one of the mildest steroids around, females are also using this because it helps them gain muscle mass without them having to suffer from virilization and other side effects. It is potentially safe as long as they take the right dosage. Aromatization is also not a threat which means men can also sue this without having to worry about growing their boobs.

As mentioned above, PCT is only needed if you are using higher doses of Anavar. It is also a safe compound which is why it does not alter men’s testosterone production. Women are even using this because this is only the acceptable steroid that could help them achieve their fitness goals.