Additional Party Ideas for 8-12 year olds that are sure to delight

Looking for party ideas for 8-12 year-olds (tweens), here are some great ideas. This age is tricky. Your child might only want close friends, or they may want all the children in the class. We have great party ideas for 8-12 year-olds that will delight no matter how many people they invite. There are fun games and scavenger hunt clues for kids, quizzes and murder mystery games suitable for adults of all ages and specially-designed products for seasonal celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas, Easter, or summer. On the Grapevine’s website, visitors will find ready-made products for celebrations and other events. You’ll find everything you require from murder mysteries to pub quizzes and incredible themed treasure hunts that are great for kids.

Pamper Party

Although they may not be old enough to visit a beauty salon, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in being pampered. You can host your own pamper party with older friends or children.

  • Install a nail bar
  • Hire a hairstylist
  • Buy or make gentle face masks

A lounging area is a place where they can relax with magazines, refreshing drinks and cucumber slices.

Make sure to make a foot soak. Simply add warm water to a basin and use a mild bubble bath product. Or, you can dig out the Christmas foot spa that you only used once.

You can set up a yoga or stretching zone. Lay some mats on the ground and watch a DVD with yoga exercises. Or, show your yoga skills!

If you don’t feel like running your own party, you might consider hiring a company to do it for you.

Mystery Party

A Mystery Party allows guests to solve a mystery together. You could solve a mystery about whodunit or find a missing object. It is best to avoid a murder mystery party with this age group. Instead, focus on what your child is passionate about, such as a sport or an object, and build the party around that.

Scenario for a Mystery Party: If your child is a basketball player, the scenario could revolve around the ‘theft of a basketball’. For example, it could be that there was robbery at the clubhouse and that the lucky basketball had been taken. To find the ball or the culprit, guests will need to use a series clues.

Backwards/Topsy Turvy Party

Everything about your party, from the invitations to the food and the games, should be reversed. As an alternative to thanking people for coming to my party, you could send them thank-you cards. You could also add a note saying “Hold up to a mirror” to ensure you see the correct message.

Invite guests to wear clothes that are turned inside out, gloves on their feet, socks on their hands and socks on their hands. Shoes should not be matched or worn with shoes. When guests arrive, say hello and exit the front door. Each child should have a sticker with their name spelled backwards. The children must call each other by their backwards names.

Shopping trip with friends

You could also take your child on a shopping trip with a few of their friends and have them go out for lunch. You could also take your group on a train or bus to another city and give each child a small allowance.

You could take them out for a special lunch, or if they are older enough, let them sit at the table by themselves.

Themed Party

A themed party can be anything from a movie-themed party to one that features a princess or pirate theme. You can choose a theme together and then go crazy with decorations, invitations, food and games that match it.

Invite guests to dress up in clothes related to your theme.

Board Games Party

You can host a party for your child if they love to play board games. Even better, invite your guests to bring their favorite board games so they can play one of the many available.

There are many tournaments that could be played around the table. One group might play Ker Plunk, while another group plays Game of Life. You might be able to rent or buy large outdoor games such as giant jenga, chess, and snakes and ladders in the warmer months. You can also make your own using cardboard and paint.

Outdoor Activity Party

Outdoor activity parties can be turned into a huge obstacle course in your garden or at the park where you can play games such as rounders, 40/40 and capture the flag.

There are also many outdoor adventure venues. My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday in a local venue that is located in a forest. The venue offers laser tag.

Outdoor adventure centres offer supervised zip-wire adventures as well as bubble football, karting and obstacle courses river walking. You can choose to eat at one of the many food options, or bring a picnic for outdoor enjoyment.

Camping Party

Invite your guests to join you in pitching your tent at a camping party. This party could be held at your home if you have enough space, or you could search for a nearby park or campsite where it is possible to have an outdoor barbecue.

If your guests are too young for overnight stay, you can have them stay until the dark falls and then they can tell ghost stories while enjoying s’mores or bbq food.

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