An interesting trip to Cote D’ Azure

Travel Update

The cote D’ Azure, in English is often known as the French Rivera. It is often described as the Mediterranean coastline of the southern eastern corner of France, also including in its capacity the marvelous coast of Monaco. The boundary usually also extends to French and Italy border.


The flyusanywhere always provide comfortable and relaxing environment to the passengers when they are off to visit the paradise of Mediterranean coastline of France. Cote D’ Azure is the bluest and clearest border of the sea and hence being the loveliest and luxurious spot in the next trip of yours to visit and plan your holidays.

The following are the list of 10 things to do in the marvelous place of Cote D’ Azure with keeping in mind the finest highlights of the deep blue paradise where one truly can say that the paradise is made on earth.

A well spent day in Marseille:

In Marseille, you should start by checking the great church of Notre Dame de la Garde where there is a vast history of previous decedents. And the exciting part is that it is place or located on top of a green hill where the whole city view is must an eye catching experience. But one must be up for a long walk and hiking above the hill.

A walk to remember in Vieux Nice:

The best trios from the Cote D’ Azure attractions the beautiful blue sea, the legendary historic buildings and Provencal style are best to be visited in Vieux Nice. If your trip is planned in summer, you should have experience to spend some of your time in the food market, which is open even in the early morning. The idea is to just walk around and visit the place detailing and identifying it’s all beauty and historic glory.

Get tanned in the beautiful sunlight of St Tropez:

Yay! This is more than a beach time at the coastline. This beach is famous in the whole world for its glorious yet modern beaches. You would have ideal time with your family on the shiny sand and also the sparkling water. This is not just it, the beaches are also topped up with some of the finest clubs, having delicious food to serve and wide open restaurants and bars of course, so that your day is well spend, evening is well treated!