Cable Management in the Workplace


Although the world is becoming more wireless as time presses on, we still need cables to run and charge equipment – and even more so in the workplace. Cables are used to operate monitors, printers, laptops, desktops, phones and more.

When Your Cables are Not Managed Well

When it comes to cables in the workplace, there are two kinds of environments in which you will find them: Those that are organized with cables that are perfectly arranged, named and categorized and those that z

How Cable Management Benefits the Workplace

There are many workplace benefits of cable management, including the following.

Saving Frustration and Time

Untangling any sort of knot from wires is undoubtedly frustrating – even if it is just from a single pair of headphones. When your computer cables become tangled, that’s a whole other ballgame. If you don’t enjoy working your way through numerous computer cables and adapters while installing or replacing equipment, you need to keep them organized. Cable management tools make it easy for you to secure and organize your cords while labeling them. This eliminates the frustrations associated with messy cables and saves you valuable time as well.  Velcro cable wraps can solve most cable management problems.

Saving Money

Good quality cables last a longer time. If you take care of your cables, you won’t have to spend a bunch of money to replace them. If your cables are piled up and loosely exposed, they face risk of damage. Use neat patches and other cable organization systems to prevent this. Keeping your cables protected saves you a lot more money than you may realize in the long run.

Creating a Good Impression

A cluttered workspace does not create a great impression. If a client drops in for a visit and sees a mess, it can impact their impression of you and your company. Good impressions count and cable management is important in ensuring you create the best impression in your office.


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