Auth0 vs Okta – Compare IAM software

Which IAM platform should you choose for your business: Okta or Auth0? Before you make a decision, it’s important that you compare the features of each IAM platform. Okta and Auth0 merged forces in May 2021, when Okta purchased the Auth0 platform. However, the Okta and Auth0 platforms remain separate and are often used together.

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What is Auth0?

Auth0 is a cloud-based authorization and authentication platform. Okta says that Auth0 is a cloud-based authentication and authorization platform.

What is Okta?

Okta is a leader in cloud-based IAM solutions. Okta provides two solutions that are applicable to all industries and businesses. These include customer identity and workforce identity. It is universal and offers more than 7,000 integrations. Okta can be customized to meet the specific needs of every business.

Auth0 vs. Okta – Feature Comparison

Okta and Auth0 offer similar functionality. Both tools offer simple user management, multifactor authentication, and strong security features. The key difference lies in the way Okta and Auth0 approach identity.

Auth0 was created by developers, for developers. It is flexible, customizable, and scalable IAM solution that developers appreciate. Developers can connect to any app using Auth0 regardless of their language or stack. Developers can choose which integrations they want to use.

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Okta, on the other hand, uses modular components called Platform Services. Users can combine and match these components to create new features. The platform also offers more than 7,000 pre-built integrations that can be used to quickly get businesses up and running. Users can address their identity needs faster with this platform.

  • Multifactor authentication

Auth0 provides multifactor authentication in many formats, including voice notifications, SMS notifications and push notifications. Auth0’s MFA is customizable to meet an organization’s specific needs.

Auth0, for example, offers step-up authentication that allows businesses to limit access to more sensitive apps. The platform offers adaptive MFA which ensures that MFA is not presented in logins that pose a security threat.

Okta provides the same MFA options as Auth0. Okta also offers adaptive MFA that allows users to create access policies according to risk factors. Businesses can, for example, enable password-only authentication to log ins with low risk and password plus push notification to log ins with medium risk.

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  • Sign-up for one

Okta and Auth0 both offer single sign-on (SSO), built into each platform. Auth0 allows configuration with any enterprise connection via Active Directory (LDAP), ADFS, SAML, ADFS and more. Any integration that is required to implement SSO in an enterprise can be built by developers.

Okta has over 7,000+ pre-built Integrations available for businesses to enable SSO quickly. There are 1,400+ SAML Connect and OpenID Connect integrations available on the platform, as well as support for LDAP.

  • Passwordless capabilities

Passwordless authentication is the future. Many companies are working towards it to improve security and user experience. Okta and Auth0 have passwordless authentication features.

Auth0, for example, enables passwordless authentication through WebAuthn. This browser-based API allows authentication to be completed via registered devices. Okta allows passwordless authentication via various methods, such as email-based magic links, factor sequencing and WebAuthn.

  • Security

Robust security is a key feature in any identity and access management system. Okta and Auth0 both offer comprehensive security features to protect businesses’ data. Auth0 provides protections like incident response, security monitoring, and data encryption both in transit and at rest.

Okta also offers end-to-end encryption and monitoring through ThreatInsight. This tool is provided by Okta Insights and analyzes attack data across a network to identify and block malicious login attempts.

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Choose between Okta and Auth

Okta and Auth0 are great options for enabling IAM in any business. Auth0’s extensibility, developer-focused platform, and smaller business with complex IAM infrastructure requirements might be a better choice for app developers or businesses.

Okta’s extensive library of integrations makes the platform an excellent choice for large businesses who need to quickly get their IAM strategy in place.

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