Five Surprising Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Clogging

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A clogged toilet is one of the most dangerous things that could happen to a bathroom fixture. This is a very common type of anxiety. It happens when the water in the toilet bowl rises rather than falls as you flush the toilet. If the toilet overflows, it can cause a flood that is both dangerous and disgusting. A toilet that clogs often could indicate a deeper problem. Continue reading to learn about five reasons why a toilet clogs, other than excessive paper.

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There is a Fill Valve Issue

The tank houses the fill valve. The fill valve controls the way that the tank is filled after flushing. If the fill valve is not working properly, the toilet can stop working. Failing fill valves can cause the tank to not fill completely. A full tank can cause a toilet to not flush as well, which could lead to clogging.

Pipe Blockage

It is possible that something, such as a small toy, was flushed into the toilet. This could cause a blockage in the pipes. The toilet won’t flush properly because of this blockage. If the flush force alone isn’t enough to clear the blockage then everything will back up until a plumber can fix it.

There is a sewer problem

This is the most frightening issue for most people. A sewer problem could lead to frequent toilet backups. A major sewer problem will often affect more than the toilet. A professional plumber should inspect your sewer line if you have backups in multiple fixtures.

It’s a Plumbing Vent Problem

The plumbing vent allows gas to escape from the plumbing system. It can block or damage the pressure in your plumbing system, causing it to become clogged. If the pressure is low, the toilet will not flush as hard and the bowl may back up.

The Toilet is Old

Older toilets are more susceptible to clogging. It may be time for a new toilet if the toilet is clogging, even if it’s only ten years old. The toilet efficiency has improved significantly over the past decade. A new toilet could be very cost-effective in terms of water conservation.