How to Install a Window AC Unit

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Although they may look intimidating, installing window air conditioner units is easy. You can enjoy cooler temperatures with a little bit of knowledge and the right tools. A guide will help you along the way. Looking for reliable aircon service in Singapore We offer qualified Contact Mastercool Aircon Now with highly skilled technicians. Aircon Servicing Singapore are confident that you’ll be happy by our ability to meet your air conditioner requirements in Singapore.

We all need some respite from the heat. Window AC units are a necessity in many older homes and apartments that don’t have central heating. These units can be quite heavy and it can be intimidating to hang expensive appliances out of a window. This guide will show you how to install an AC unit in a window.

A helper can be helpful for larger AC units as they can be quite heavy. One person can hold the unit, while the other lowers it to lock it in place.

How to Install Window AC Units

Older homes may not be suitable for AC units. This is particularly true if the sills or sashes aren’t in the best shape. An AC unit mounted on a window can cause even more damage and can make it difficult for the installer to secure it in place.

Before installing an AC unit in a window, make sure it fits. To ensure the unit fits your window, make sure you check the specifications on the box. If you have an air conditioner that is not in use, measure it and the distance between the sides panels. Compare the measurements to your window opening.

Prepare the window for the AC unit

Preparing the window for installation of an AC unit in a window is the first step. Take out any obstructions from the window sill. Next, open the window completely (from bottom) and take down the screen. To provide an area for the AC unit to rest, it’s a good idea if you place the stool or bench next to the window.

You might have alarm sensors that get in the way. Make sure you check them. It might be possible to temporarily remove them.

Assemble the AC unit from the window mount.

Window AC units are usually packaged in boxes with Styrofoam bottoms. You can place the box on the stool to ensure that you are not touching the ground. To remove the cardboard, cut along the dotted lines. The AC unit can be seen.

Aluminum fins will be found on the back of the window AC unit. They are sharp and very durable. They are also easy to crush which can reduce the AC unit’s effectiveness. Make sure they aren’t broken and take care when taking the unit out of the box.

Follow the instructions to install the side panels and brackets. A screwdriver is usually required for this task. To prevent the AC’s housing from being damaged by a drill, reduce its torque.

Place the AC unit inside the window opening

The brackets are attached to the window AC unit. Now, turn your back towards the AC unit’s front and lift it from both the left and right. Air conditioners are heavy so make sure you lift it with your legs to avoid back injury.

Every window AC unit has a bracket on its bottom side. This bracket is where the side panels can slide. This bracket should be on the outside of your window’s bottom lip. The bracket must also be on the top of your window.

Keep these things in mind as you lift the air conditioner up and place it in your window. You will need to hold the unit in one hand and lower the window sash in the other. Ask a friend or family member to lower the sash. Before you let go of your AC unit, make sure the back bracket is flush against the bottom.

Secure the sides panels by extending and securing them

Once the AC unit is properly seated in the window, you can extend the side panels to block any openings completely. For securing the panels, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can attach brackets to your window sash, or run screws through the holes in the panels.

Fix the AC unit to the window.

Although the unit is largely in place, manufacturers often include brackets to anchor it.

Almost all installation kits will include at least one L-shaped bracket. The bracket holds the window sashes in place and attaches to where they meet. To ensure that it is properly installed, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The bracket should be placed on top of the lower frame and attached to it with a screw. This will secure the AC unit and prevent it falling out of the window.

Connect the AC unit to the window

You can plug your AC unit into an outlet, and then turn it on. It may take a while for cool air to be produced. AC condensers can often only run for a few seconds before pumping refrigerant through the lines.

Your window AC unit will allow you to enjoy cooler and more comfortable temperatures in harsh weather conditions. Enjoy a cold beverage and relax while you enjoy the cool air conditioning from your new AC unit.