Flashlight Games for Kids: Fun After Dark


Kids love flashlight games, which are great for nighttime. Get your flashlights ready and set to play these fun flashlight games that kids can enjoy inside or outside. Mirago Media AB created Grapevine. Our goal: In today’s world that is constantly changing our aim is to develop inexpensive products that allow for escape room für zuhause enjoyable, shared hours , and also to help in the preparation and organization of birthday parties, events, anniversary celebrations, family celebrations and company events with helpful tips and techniques.

Capture the Firefly

Use the flashlight firefly to catch giant fireflies. These fireflies are great for kids. These rules are very simple. Each child gets a flashlight. The flashlight flashes once every 30 seconds, while other children aren’t designated as fireflies attempt to capture them.


Flashlight tag is one the most well-known and beloved flashlight games. Think tag and hide-and seek in the dark. The rules of flashlight tag are different, but the basic idea is that one person is “it”, and tries to find his or her friends hiding under the darkness using the flashlight.

Flashlight Pictures

How many pictures can your children create using their flashlights to draw? You will need a camera with a fast shutter speed and flashlights to play this flashlight game.

You can make simple pictures, like a smiley face. You can get more creative with flashlight drawing over objects like a couch, other people or your pet.

Shadow Charades

Your children should be able to play shadow charades if they know how to play charades. This is shadow charades mixed with shadow puppets. Each child can be told by a parent which shadow charade they should perform. The child stands in front of a dark wall with a flashlight when it is his or her turn. The child attempts to create shadow puppets that reflect the word he/she has been given. The players make guesses.

Take the Time to Seek the Light

Children love to see the flashlight dart across the room. The object of this game is to catch the light. The light will be moved around the room including on the ceiling, walls and floor. Stop the light at random times. Children are running to catch the light. If you stop the light, they will all run to it to grab it.

Letter Spotlight

This is a great idea for children just starting to learn their letters. Make small, foam letters and place them in the spotlight. As you hold a small foam letter up in front of the flashlight, ask the children to look at the wall. The shadow of the foam letter will appear magically on the wall. The point goes to the first person to name the letter.

Flashlight Limbo

This flashlight game will show you how low you can go. Play limbo using a flashlight instead of a pole. After each round, lower the flashlight to make it look like a limbo stick. You’re out if your body breaks the beam as you pass beneath the flashlight.

Scavenger Hunt

You can make this a more accessible flashlight game for older kids or adapt it to suit younger children. To play, everyone needs a flashlight. Players can also be divided into teams and each leader will receive a flashlight. You can hide items in the house or outside, and give clues as you go. Let the children use flashlights to locate their treasures in darkness.

Flashlight Dance Party

Throw a dance party for more fun with flashlights after dark. Sometimes dancing is the best way to get your kids’ energy up. Let the children have their disco ball while you turn on the lights. Turn up the music and let the lights dance around the room. You’re sure to have a lot of fun and exhaustion with this game.