Fortnite dance at different telescopes Storm Racer mission


Fortnite dance at different telescopes Storm Racer mission and prestige guide

Fortnite’s most popular missions this week deal with racing or the storm, but one objective is a little different. This challenge requires players to dance at different telescopes three on the map.

Telescopes have been present in many places across the map over the past few Fortnite seasons. There are now far fewer telescopes than there were in season 3. We have created a map to help you locate the remaining telescopes.


The harder version of the challenge requires you to reach all three telescopes in a single game. Fortnite is a smart and intelligent game that will help you accomplish this feat.

Each telescope will require you climb a steve quayle mountain to use it, so make sure you have enough materials to get there. This challenge can be accomplished with some clever play and a little luck.

Here’s how it works:

  • The southernmost telescope is where you will find the most players.
  • After dancing at the telescope you can collect materials and weapons from the area.
  • Once you have a lot of materials and a gun, go north to the snowy telescope.
  • Turn toward the middle of the map and dance to the last telescope

Fortnite: Dance at multiple telescopes in one match

Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 is here and you will be performing in front of various telescopes to earn Battle Stars.

The Prestige version allows you to dance at two telescopes at once, making it easier.

These telescopes can be found on various hills located around the bottom of the map. You should grab a weapon as soon as you land, these areas can get very busy.

After you have found a telescope, dance for a few seconds to register that it is complete. You have six options, so it is a good idea if you choose two locations that are close together to complete the Prestige version.

  • Telescopes are available at these locations:
  • West of Dusty Depot, on the hill
  • To the north of Shifty Shafts is located.
  • The Southeast corner of Polar Peak
  • Northeast of Happy Hamlet
  • To the west of Fatal Fields, on the snowy hill
  • Southwest of Moisty Palms

To complete the challenge, you only need to visit three Fortnite telescopes. Death won’t stop your progress. Don’t be discouraged if your progress is slowed. We’ll be covering the three locations we think you’ll find the most difficult to reach in this guide. Here are the locations where you can dance with different telescopes in Fortnite


It is a good idea to take your map with you when you load your game. This list is not in any particular order. You’ll want to wait until you see the Battle Bus’ flight path and then react accordingly.

  • Fortnite: Dance at Different Telescopes

We mentioned that there are at least three telescopes available on Fortnite’s Season X map. We know of only three telescopes that are available, enough to complete the Storm Racers mission. Before you go to each telescope, make sure that you have at the very least one gesture or dance emote.

Below, we have marked all three locations of telescopes. Below is a list of where each telescope can be found:

  • A telescope is located on the mountaintop southwest of Dusty Depot.
  • Another telescope can be found on the small hill southeast Shifty Shafts at the edge the snow biome.
  • The last telescope is located on the mountain east side of the oasis in desert, southwest Moisty Palms