Golf Rival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Wind and Shot Guide


Golf Rivals is a fast and fun golfing game. In seconds, anyone can become a professional golfer with the intuitive controls. Match up with other players around the world in 1-on-1 matches. It’s important to understand the basics of shooting. We’re here to help you with that in our Golf Rival Cheats shot and wind guide!

Golf Rival Cheats Shooting Basics

To set up a shot, pull the golf ball back. You will know it is in the right spot when the blue rings are glowing if it is pulled back.

You can also pull the Golf Rival Cheats ball back even further beyond the blue circle. This will increase the power of the golf ball, making it go further. However, it also speeds up the pointer for next step. This makes it more difficult to time a good shot. You should not attempt this high-risk, high reward maneuver unless you are comfortable with timing.

Golf Rival Cheats  Apply Spin

To apply spin before you start preparing a shot, tap the button to the right. You can apply four types of spin to your golf ball. The amount you BUSINESS OF MACHINING choose will depend on the club you are using.

Top spin will give the ball a roll, so it rolls a little farther than its destination. The opposite effect will occur, with back spin rolling the ball in the opposite direction. This will cause it to stop short of its target. You can bank around obstacles by using left and right spin.

Compensating Wind Rival Cheats

You’ll experience different wind conditions from stage 2 and beyond. Wind can change direction and power at every turn. This will affect the trajectory of your Golf Rival Cheats ball. To compensate, you’ll need adjustments to your shots.

First, you must determine how much wind power you are experiencing. The wind power will affect the color of your targeting ring. These are the ring colors:

  • White Ring: 1-10 strength
  • Yellow Ring: 11-20 strength
  • 21-50 strength Blue Ring

Compensation for Golf Rival Cheats Terrain

You will be subject to power penalties if you land in poor terrain (rough, bunker or slope) from stage 3. The distance of your next shot will be reduced by 20%. You’ll need to compensate accordingly.

Use Special Golf Rival Cheats Balls

You can reduce the effects of wind and terrain by using the right golf balls. The Bat golf ball is 40% wind resistant, which allows you to fight against strong currents. Energy Storm and Energy Beam golf ball have more power which eliminates the bad terrain penalty. Shop and chests have special golf balls.