Haku Naruto


Haku Naruto Background

Haku Naruto as an infant. Haku Naruto was born into a small, snowy community in the Land of Water. This land had been in war for a while. Different sides fought each other using ninja. Some of them possessed kekkei-genkai. The terrible battles remained in people’s minds long after the war was over. People with kekkei-genkai became fearful and hated quickly for their ability, in part because they feared that more war would follow.

Haku’s mother and father were farmers and lived peaceful lives. They were kind to each other and loved their child. This would soon change. Haku’s mother was an Ice Release kekkei genkai user. In the hope that the love and peace she shared with her husband would last forever, she kept this secret from him. Haku was able to manipulate water one day. Haku was so amazed by the ability to manipulate water, he proudly displayed it to his mother. She was shocked by what she saw. Although she scolded Haku and gave him a hard time for showing his abilities, she cried and apologized to him shortly afterwards. Their father, Haku, had seen everything from the shadows. Haku’s father found out that Haku and his child had a kekkei-genkai. He assembled a small group of villager. He then killed his wife, his eyes welling up with tears. Then he tried to kill Haku. However, Haku Naruto used the Ice Release to make several large ice spikes that he was able to kill his father and the rest.

Haku Naruto accepts Zabuza membership

Haku, an orphan, became a child that was not wanted by anyone. He was forced to walk the streets looking for food scraps and sometimes had to fight wild dogs. He was eventually confronted by Zabuza Momochi who was a man with “the same eyes” like him. Zabuza asked Haku later to be his “weapon”, which was to make him a dedicated shinobi. Haku accepted the role due to its purpose and dedicated his life to being the best tool Zabuza could use. After leaving the Land of Water in the anime, Haku and Zabuza meet Kimimaro. Haku seemed to sympathize with Kimimaro’s loneliness and lackluster purpose, by looking into his eyes. He was made to move by Zabuza and left Kimimaro alone. [5] Zabuza trained Haku Naruto in all the fighting techniques he knew, and the ways of the shinobi.


Haku was a cheerful, patient, and eager shinobi. He believed that people become stronger when they have someone to protect. Haku was a skilled fighter, but he disliked the idea of having to kill people in order to use his tools. Haku was able to do everything possible to avoid inflicting severe harm on his opponent. He even put them in a death-like condition to stop them from fighting again, just like he did with Sasuke. He believed he was not needed and he served Zabuza to make himself useful. At times, his loyalty to Zabuza was similar to him seeing Zabuza a father. When Kakashi told Haku how much Zabuza cared about Haku, the boy wept in delight. Zabuza believed that Haku Naruto’s pure and kind-hearted personality would allow him to prosper in heaven despite the fact that he had used his tools to do so.


Haku, a 15 year-old boy with an androgynous look, was even considered beautiful by Naruto who exclaimed that Haku was “prettier that Sakura” even though he had told him that he wasn’t male. [6] His long black hair was long and straight, with pale skin and large dark-brown eyes. He also had a slim frame.

Haku in his shinobi outfit

Haku wore the Kirigakure pinstriped standard shinobi outfit, which ended at his knees. He wore a green haori over it with white trimmings. A brown sash was tied around his waist twice with fringed trails. He also wore platoon sandals in light brown with the same colour straps as his kimono, and nail polish for his toenails and fingernails in a matching blue-green colour. Haku’s long, white hair was tied in a bun and two of his locks fell free to frame his face. The ends were bound with metal hair cuffs. Haku Naruto wore a black forehead protector that had the Kirigakure symbol on it. He wore a black forehead protector with the Kirigakure symbol on it when he was in battle or moving undercoverly.

Haku in casual clothes

Haku wore his long, loose hair when he wasn’t fighting. He wore a pink, sleeveless, kimono with pale red edges, decorated with small plum-coloured swirls and that reached his ankles. A simple, white obi was tied around his waist with a bow. He wore dark brown sandals with dark straps. A dark-coloured choker was also worn around his neck.

Haku wore a large, shredded, light-brown shirt that fell off his shoulders as a child. He also wore a pair of short, shredded pants and the dark choker. Zabuza later spotted Haku Naruto wearing a short, blue kimono with light-blue edges and a dark gray split skirt. These were similar to the ones he wore when he was younger and those he wore when he was still living with his parents.