Julia Child’s secrets to cooking chicken perfectly

Julia Child was a pioneer in French cooking and inspired many home cooks to make the best French meals. Her television career began on PBS Food with The French Chef 1963, and ended in 2000 with Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom. Her longevity in television is due to her warm personality, a love for cooking and her sarma recept belief that people who love to eat are the best.

Julia’s advice to cook the perfect bird is still relevant today, as Americans love chicken more than any other type of meat.

These are Julia Child’s 20 best tips to cook chicken right from Julia’s books Master the Art of French Cooking & Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom.

While you cook chicken, avoid these 20 Things.

1. Start with the best
Child believed that the key to cooking superior chicken is getting a good, flavorful bird. Whole chickens should have a large breast and a yellow, cream, or white color skin. A chicken should not have a strong smell. This could indicate that it has been spoilt.

2. Freeze the right way
Child’s method of defrosting chicken was used by most food professionals in the era. It still works today. To get the best results, let the chicken thaw in the refrigerator.

3. A good sauce starts with chicken stock
Child was aware of the importance of using reduced chicken stock when making sauces. Child made a brown stock by sauteing leftover chicken pieces with onion and carrot, then boiling chicken broth with parsley and bay leaves. She said that a brown stock will give your sauce more flavor, no matter how simple or complex it is.

For more information, see Why you should never rinse your chicken.

4. It should be tied up
Child believed it was important to truss the bird before roasting. This not only held the wings and legs in place during cooking, but also gave the chicken a neater appearance once it was finished and placed on the plate.

5. Good equipment is essential
Child preferred to use high-quality kitchen equipment, as it would improve the experience of cooking. A V-rack in the oven is the best way to cook chicken.


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