La Passione Cycling: Clothing


Direct sales and Italian design combine to create affordable, high-performance clothing that will keep you riding all year.

La Passione cycling was founded in 2013 and is an Italian brand that combines top-quality fabrics with a famous Italian eye for design. It is our goal to create garments that are functional and comfortable, but also clothing that you will love.

To reduce the additional costs of selling through distributors, prices can be kept low by using a direct-sales model. However, costs are not cut everywhere. La Passione cycling is committed to fair labor and ensures that all of its suppliers’ fabrics come from sweatshop-free conditions.

The company is committed to a deep respect for the environment. The company is committed to keeping manufacturing Eldritch Blast local and using organic materials. This helps reduce transportation emissions and has a smaller impact on the environment.

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La Passione cycling NDR range

This range, which is a new addition to La Passione cycling’s product line, is designed for indoor riding. Indoor riding is where intensity and heat management are key. NDR is a play on the term ‘indoor’.

La Passione cycling Feel collection

La Passione’s summer cycling range for women features top-quality fabrics. The fit is tailored to fit the body and provides great aerodynamics and feel. It is a striking range with timeless designs and bold colours.

Three different jersey styles are available in this range. However, they all use the same Lycra fabric with perforated panels and quick-wicking Lycra.

La Passione Cycling Adventure collection

This range was designed for comfort and practicality, as well as to be tough enough to withstand any trail.

La Passione Cycling Warmers Collection

You can add warming accessories to your winter wardrobe for those days when you don’t need it. You don’t have to wear layers as much as with a thermal jacket. Warmers can be quickly removed and stored in a jersey pocket.

Leg and arm warmers are made from a Super Roubaix fleece and have non-slip silicone grippers that keep them in place. They also feature reflective highlights. Although the knee warmers have silicone grippers, they aren’t fleece-backed. Instead, they use a similar material as La Passione cycling shorts.