Liquid EHR Software can be used by optometry offices of any size. Liquid EHR software is designed for optometry practitioners and offers electronic medical record solutions as well as practice management.

Appointment Planner for patient communication system e-Prescribing

Electronic submission of insurance claims

The program was developed in accordance to a consistent design criteria that emphasizes natural support and intuitive service, while using the most current technology and methodology. It can manage medical records, billing, scheduling, and other functions. Liquid EHR Software offers many features, including a mailing list generator, audit trails and workflow systems, document management, compliance check, integrated eprescriptions, customizable exam records, document management, document management, documentation checks, compliance checks, integrated electronic prescribing, integrated e-prescribing and customizable IOP charts. Optometry-specific technologies include historical IOP charts and drawing tools, built in eye charts, frames data integration, picture management, and built-in eye charts.

Liquid EHR Software System Usability

Electronic insurance filing tools are available to clinicians. They can access patient recalls, drug interactions, allergy interaction checks and drug interaction checks. Issue lists, active medication list, medication recommendations, educational material, smoking status, vital sign, and other information. Users can access lab test results, clinical summaries and patient reminders. Other features include audit logs, encryption, access restrictions, and encryption. Telephone and email support are also available.

It is known for its outstanding business attributes, such as consistency checks, consistency checks and mailing list generator. The eye-care industry is unique in its ability to integrate frames data, historical intraocular pressure charts, default eye charts and picture management. You have many accessibility options. There are many services available, including access to electronic insurance filing tools and allergy and drug interaction checks. Prescription recommendations, prescription lists, prescription recommendations and smoking status. This EMR crm softwares allows you to access lab results, clinical summaries, and patient reminders. Additional features include encryption, audit logs, access restrictions, and encryption.

You can also visit e-Clinical Liquid EHR Software Works vs Athena health.

The Key Benefits of Using Liquid EHR SOFTWARE

To send updates and patient arrangements affirmations, the underlying patient correspondence framework (which includes 2-way messaging, email and voice calling) might be used.

Liquid EHR includes marketing capabilities such as surveys, office announcements and social media.

You can browse customer information by hovering your mouse over the appointments in the scheduler. This will allow you to access more detailed information and book, confirm and reschedule patient appointment.

Patients may be named as the family’s primary insurer and connected with other family members.

To improve accuracy in insurance billing, procedure linking is integrated into the code browser.



  • Excellent and easily accessible technical support is what makes this automotive software stand out. Liquid EHR Software also offers remote assistance via phone or remotely.
  • I was able to quickly learn and adapt my 35+ years of practice. For technological concerns, a quick reaction time is essential.
  • The customer support team is reliable and responds quickly to all concerns. Additionally, the photography software is very easy to use in comparison to other EMR.
  • It was easy to use and did everything I needed.
  • Excellent customer service, incredible functionality, and easy to use. Customer service reps are very helpful and kind.
  • Software that is simple to use and efficient. Outstanding customer service and functionality.
  • Liquid EHR Software was a great business partner. They care about my business’ smooth running and offer outstanding support to all my questions.
  • I can train a new employee in one day! It is also very easy to check in and out patients. It is very easy to use the scheduler. The people I dealt with were all pleasant.


  • It was difficult to integrate the patient’s insurance and the billing process via the crm software at the beginning. We essentially did billing in a different way.
  • It’s time-consuming to find diagnostic codes, and it’s difficult for me to go back to previous records.” However, it is possible that I am doing something wrong or that I haven’t found any shortcuts that other people are aware of.
  • It’s very difficult to correct an error if it is not covered by your insurance. It can be difficult to diagnose.
  • This program has been my favorite since May 2015. I don’t plan to change.
  • It is so large and contains so many functions that it can seem overwhelming at first. However, you don’t have to use all the functions. It can be confusing to use the tabs for sections because each time you click on one, the order changes and it takes more time to go back to the original tabs.


My small optometry practice has found Liquid EHR to be a great tool. After it crashed, my previous EHR software company went out of business. Liquid EHR Software miraculously saved my patient data from the crash application and gave me access to it once again. This was a lifesaver as I had nearly three years worth of recordings. Liquid EHR is a wonderful product. The outstanding customer service has been a huge plus. You won’t find better customer service anywhere else. It is first-rate. I was impressed by his ability to tailor the program to my practice for a low monthly fee without requiring a contract.

Access to patient information is easy and it’s possible to create high-quality reports that can be used by clinicians.

This is an effective way to track patient information. It also offers excellent customer service and quick response times.

  • More cost-effective and user-friendly
  • Cloud Liquid EHR software cost:
  • $299 per provider per month
  • Setup fee: There is no set-up fee.
  • There are many workstations around the world

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