Why you need the HD “PS5 Camera” for your console

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You may have noticed the PlayStation 5 HD Camera if you are the lucky owner of a PS5. But you might not be aware of its capabilities. Why do you need a PS5 Camera, then?

The PlayStation 5 HD Camera is currently the only native PS5 HD Camera. There are no other options. Although you can use an adapter to plug in the existing PS4 camera, the resolution is only 720p. This doesn’t make it suitable for a 4K console.

What does the PlayStation 5 HD Camera do? It’s basically a webcam that connects with your PlayStation 5 – but there’s more to it than that.

Sony’s new console was designed for live streaming. It has a dedicated button on the DualSense control pad that allows you to create. This button allows you to stream video or record – the PS5 Camera can integrate with the console to provide picture-in-picture broadcasting so you can present your content on Twitch or YouTube.

The camera also has built-in background-removal tools. You can add your gameplay videos and playthroughs to the camera, as well as cropping your background. If you use a green screen, it will also remove the background completely automatically. This gives you the same funky backgrounds we have been using on Zoom calls over the past few months.

The PlayStation 5 HD Camera has stereo wide-angle lenses that can capture in 1080p. This may seem odd considering the PS5’s 4K-focused console. However, it is a great camera for picture-in, picture broadcasts.

The PS5 Camera doesn’t work with PlayStation VR, so you will need to use your old camera. However, it is essential if you want to stream your gameplay.

PlayStation 5 consoles – live deals

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PS5 Camera: Is it Worth It?

Sony announced a number of PS5 peripherals last year, in addition to the PlayStation 5. The Pulse 3D headset would allow for 3D audio to be added even to systems that don’t support it natively. DualSense controller is the best part of the PS5 and it doesn’t need to be introduced. The PS5 camera is one peripheral that has been overlooked since its launch.

What is the exactly? It’s a compatible camera peripheral with the PS5. It can be placed on top of any display, including a TV or a computer monitor. The broadcast quality is 1080p at 60 frames per second. However, you can adjust the settings to suit your needs. What’s the market for the PS5 camera then? This peripheral should be purchased by whom and when should it be left alone.

First, the PS5 camera peripheral should be a must-have for anyone who loves streaming and is a PS5 fan. Standard USB webcam peripherals are not supported by the PS5 so you will need the HD camera or the PS4’s camera to show your face. PS5 streamers should absolutely buy the PS5 camera.

The camera is not recommended for streamers who don’t want to display their faces during gaming sessions. The camera doesn’t have any other functionality. There aren’t any PS5 games that use it. If you want an old-school EyeToy experience with the new PS5’s camera peripheral, then you will have to wait. This is a very unnecessary purchase for most gamers.

PSVR Camera Adapter for PS5 Console, for Using Playstation VR on Playstation 5, PS4 PSVR Converter Cable

  • Fistly — Plug the PS Camera Adapter to the USB port of the PS5 console
  • Secondly — Connect the PS Camera to the PS Camera Adapter’s AUX port
  • Lastly — Connect your PSVR to your PS5 console and play
  • The PlayStation Camera adaptor cannot be used with the PS4 console

PS VR Adapter for Playstation 5 Console, for Using Playstation VR PSVR on PS5, PS4 Camera Adapter

  • Fistly — Plug the PS Camera Adapter to the USB port of the PS5 console
  • Secondly — Connect the PS Camera to the PS Camera Adapter’s AUX port
  • Lastly — Connect your PSVR to your PS5 console and play
  • The PlayStation Camera adaptor cannot be used with the PS4 console

5 Port USB Hub for PS5, Megadream High-Speed Expansion Hub Charger Splitter Adapter with 4 USB + 1 USB Charging Port + 1 Type C Port, Compatible with Playstation 5 Dualsence Game Console

  • 🔋PERFECT FIT – This usb hub is designed for PS5 console, it can extend to 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB fast charging port and 1 USB C port., and it is stable and does not shake after installation.
  • 🔋PLUG AND PLAY – Just Plug and Play, NO extra driver needed. Easy to access and quickly connects with Sony PlayStation 5.
  • 🔋WITHOUT DELAY: Megadream ps5 usb c hub can be expanded at the same time, supporting multiple devices, no jamming and delay.
  • 🔋CONVENIENCE – Connect USB peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, controller charger, etc. to your PlayStation 5 Console, meet your different needs to the greatest extent. (Please note, Only the black USB port support fast charging)
  • 🔋Note: Not work with external drive/ PSVR Processor Unit/ PSVR Camera w/USB Adaptor. Just compatible with the front USB port on the PS5, Not compatible with the back USB port.

Privacy Cover for Playstation 5 HD Camera (NO Gluing!) by Foamy Lizard – U.S. Design Protective Lens Cap for 2020 PS5 Console Camera Sensor (Camera NOT Included)

  • MAINTAIN YOUR PRIVACY: The ideal solution for users seeking privacy **PLEASE NOTE: PS5 CAMERA IS NOT INCLUDED**
  • PROTECT YOUR LENSES: The Foamy Lizard Privacy Shield has foam to protect your PS5 Camera lenses from scratches, dust accumulation and UV
  • DESIGNED FOR THE PS5 CAM: The sleek design blends in seamlessly with the styling of your PS camera
  • SMART DESIGN: Easy swivel up/down shield is padded to ensure no damage to your camera lenses
  • NO ADHESIVE EASY INSTALL: The Foamy Lizard privacy shield easily snaps into place within seconds, no tools or tape necessary for installation

PlayStation 5 HD Camera

  • Built-in adjustable stand helps you get the perfect shot.
  • Stand’s compact design allows it to be securely positioned above or below your TV.
  • Quickly record or broadcast yourself and your gameplay via your DualSense wireless controller’s Create button.
  • 1080p capture delivers smooth, sharp Full HD via the camera’s dual wide-angle lenses for your most epic gaming moments.
  • PS5’s background removal tools let you take centre stage in your productions; add yourself to your gameplay videos while broadcasting in picture-in-picture mode, crop the background, or lose it entirely with a green screen.