Thomas Wylde Clothing

Lavish Brand set to acquire symbolic position!

Thomas Wylde clothing designed in LA was started in 2006. This global brand presents an elegant brand of accessories and clothes that are ready-to-wear.  The headquarters of its facilities and studio are in Los Angeles, California.

The collections of this Company can be noticed immediately not only by people who are familiar with fashion but by a rising number of the overall public. This is because it matches the sleek with sophisticated, exceptional prints and lustrous bodies.

These ageless investment pieces are a challenge to trends, but at all times, signify how stylish they are. The visual appeal is a sign of reverence to the brands with British roots as well as the culture of rock and roll and at the same time highlights a distinct style, unique  materials, superior creation and perfect detailing.

The flawless mixture of lavish materials, exceptional prints, powerful imagery and emblematic decoration are trademarks of Thomas Wylde.

Solid Collections and Unique Identity

Each year, Thomas Wylde produces four collections of accessories and ready-to-wear. The labels define superior quality, flawless craftsmanship, exceptional signature appearance and solid design and have formed a brand identity that defies fashion fatigue and outdated trend.

Every collection begins with a created in-house theme as well as signature print that match the season. The designs offer a huge range of ready-to-wear choice of couture dresses, tailored suiting, fur and outwear, tops and cashmere sweaters.

The choice of accessories is inclusive of footwear, handbags and small leather items that feature in-house created exotic skins, branded hardware and numerous specialty leathers.

The elegant feminine stylish brand has elicited a powerful following from trendsetters and celebrities who are advanced, where fashion is concerned and offers knowledge via editorial coverage in main global fashion magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, WWD, W, L’Officiel, Elle, etc.) and its target was marketing, public relations and advertising campaigns.


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