Delgado Travel: Completes Successful Conversion to Travelport

Today, Travelport, the business service provider to the global travel industry announced details about the successful conversion of Delgado Travel into Travelport for its Worldspan global distributor system. Travelport’s Worldspan platform became the preferred GDS for this leisure-oriented agency that provides access to travel content, including hotel, car rental, and cruise lines, through the multi-year agreement. Delgado Travel, a Latin American-based travel agency, uses GlobalWare(tm), an integrated back office accounting system.

President & CEO of Delgado Travel, Mr. Delgado commented that “We made the decision not to change to Travelport because of the efficiency and functionality gains we could achieve by using the Worldspan platform, and GlobalWare accounting system. The Flex Shopping feature of Travelport ePricing(tm), which returns more extensive itinerary options with alternative low-fare pricing options, and reduces search times, is a favorite among our agents. “

Delgado added, “It is much easier for our agents to search for and book hotels directly through Worldspan Rath Racing than to call the hotels to make reservations.” This is a great opportunity to increase efficiency and increase commissions for my business. Travelport’s team did an excellent job in working with us to ensure a smooth transition. Their work has been excellent and we felt that Travelport was the right choice for us.

Scott Hyden is the vice president and general manager, U.S. & Canada, Travelport. He stated, “We are thrilled to deliver smart technology solutions which provide agencies like Delgado Travel long-term benefits.” We completed the conversion in just a few weeks after our teams collaborated to smoothen it. We are delighted with our new relationship and look forward to using our products and services for their continued growth.

Note to Editors about Global Ware

GlobalWare’s data warehouse securely tracks numbers and offers value-add solutions to help manage employee, vendor, and customer relationships.

GlobalWare can be integrated with Travelport’s Apollo(tm), Worldspan(tm), and Sabre(tm). This allows you to adapt to the changing business environment and respond to any unique challenges.

A glance at the Benefits & Features

  1. Transforms complex data into detailed transaction information to support accounting, operations, customer reporting, and management analysis
  2. Flexible report and query templates
  3. Complex group activities require complex invoices and tracking
  4. Allows for adapting to different product types and service charges, showing clearly the revenue sources in many reports
  5. Integrates ARC/IAR reporting and consultant production reports. Commission tracking and reconciliation. Credit card reconciliation. Merchant card processing. Marketing support. Vendor preference value-add functions.
  6. Accounting support functions include cash receipts, check-writing, invoicing and reconciliation, bank reconciliation, financial statements, and general ledger functions.

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