How To Choose A Top Quality Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

Travel Update

If you are an avid traveller then you are already aware of the desert safaris. Almost all the countries that have deserts offer this kind of safaris. But Abu Dhabi Morning Safari is one-of-its-kind and an out of the world experience. So when you are travelling to Abu Dhabi you must indulge in this kind of adventure activity. Cruising along the widespread sand stretch is really an awesome experience and enjoying other activities really makes the safari unforgettable. One thing you must consider when planning for a desert is the timing as in the hot summer you cannot have this kind of safari in the desert.

Thus most of the safaris conducted in the winter and so to enjoy a safari you have to come to Abu Dhabi in the winter season only. There are different tour operators offer this kind of tours in Abu Dhabi so finding one is not very difficult. Moreover, there are different types of tours available depending on the time also. But the difficult task is to choose the best one for you based on your requirement and pocket. In this case, choices are plenty so it is possible that you can get baffled easily, but if you consider a few things before choosing the tour operator then it will be easier enough for you to experience the best desert safari.

Things to consider before choosing a desert safari

A carefully chosen desert safari tour is the best way to enjoy the Abu Dhabi desert. Here are the tips to choose the best safari for you.

  • Types of safari: there are different kinds of Abu Dhabi desert safaris are available with the tour operators as there are multiple deserts in Abu Dhabi where this kind of trips is So each trip will be slightly different from another. Moreover, based on the timing, there are more choices available too. Abu Dhabi morning safari, evening safari, overnight safari, full day tour, and extreme adventure safari are some of the most popular safaris in this place. Thus choose which type of safari you want to take and based on that start searching for the best offer.
  • Cost of the trip: in most of the cases people don’t bother about the cost for taking an out of the world tour like this, but you have to remember that Abu Dhabi safaris are costlier than that of Dubai or other countries in the world. Thus checking the cost of your Abu Dhabi desert safari is essential. Here, in this case, don’t go for the very pocket-friendly tour operators as they tend to offer bus service which is not at all a good way to enjoy your desert safari. Always go for those who offer luxury 4×4 vehicles for the best experience. Also, don’t forget to read the fine prints as often they surprise you with more charges if you don’t read them carefully before enrolling.
  • Quality of the trip: how can you judge that you are getting top quality services from your tour operator in your safari? Well for that you must check that what kind of comfortable arrangements they are offering like top quality luxury vehicles, pick up and drop service from your hotel and so on. Moreover, you also must check what kinds of amenities are offered in the trip to understand the quality of their services too.
  • Extra activities: most of the top quality Abu Dhabi safari tour operators offer a host of extra activities that can make your day contented. So it is also important for you to check the list of the activities that are included in your trip. Dinner or lunch, dancing performance, photo sessions, camel trek, shisha smoking are some of the most prominent and famous activities that are generally offered in this kind of trips. So check whether your trip is also comprised them all or not.

The best way to check these things and choose the best Abu Dhabi desert safari is to compare the tours online. It can give you a better idea and you will be able to take the wise decision for yourself.