What are the Prerequisites to get started on “Plexstorm”

Verification: All streams and channels must be verified that they are 18 or older. You must be at least 18 years old. You can appear on any streamer’s stream if you have an age verified account. Couples are allowed to appear on any streamer’s stream if they have an age verified account. You will need to submit your full name, birth date, and a photograph of your government-issued ID in order to be verified. Verification takes about 24 hours, but it is usually faster on business days. Place: If you plan to stream from public areas, make sure to adhere to the site’s guidelines. Streams in Public Areas (NSFW or SFW) should not be used by minors. Every person who Delgado Travel appears on the Plexstorm stream must be aware of their presence. If the stream is found to be inaccessible, the stream may be closed and you could be punished.

Phone or computer: To stream to Plexstorm, you’ll need a strong enough device. You will need a PC/Laptop with enough power to run the OBS, Plexstorm web interface and the game simultaneously. If you are playing on another computer/console, you will need a capture card.

Webcam: To stream, you will need a high-quality webcam (or a phone camera with a decent resolution)

What is the Maximum Amount you can earn from Plexstorm?

Plexstorm is a smaller website with a smaller user base. However, you can still make decent earnings if your efforts are enough. For every PD earned, you’ll get 5 cents. You might stream games to Twitch, GameWithMe or another streaming site while you stream. Before you go NSFW, make sure to turn those off!

Plexstorm when do Pay outs Occur?

The minimum payout currently is $100. It is made on the 24th day of each month at 6 PM Eastern time. Payouts can take up to three business days for delivery. Weekends and Bank Holidays may cause delays in your payout. You can also convert all of your earnings to PlexDollars, and use them on the site. You can only convert 100 PD, which would take up $8.69 from your earnings.

How can you make Money?

Giving cam shows is the main way to make money on the site. These shows are freemium and private, with more shows in the works for January 2020. Your streams can be saved to your VOD library. Members can either purchase them individually or subscribe to your channel. Members can buy PD using a credit card. The “Big ass fucking safe” with a lot of PlexDollars is the most expensive. It would cost $249.99 to purchase 2,000PD.


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