Sonic Crackers


Sonic and Tails are joined by a boxing resistance bands made of Sonic Crackers rings in the game. This idea would become Knuckles’ Chaotix on the Sega 32X.

There are two levels in the ROM, one “adventure”, and one that appears multiple times, each with a different palette. There are also two levels in the ROM called “field”. The first is very similar to the Techno Tower Zone level from Knuckles’ Chaotix. The objective is to reach the top of the screen. If this happens, Sonic the Hedgehog’s “game over” music plays. Once the timer is up, the player is taken to the first field level with a waterfall and clouded background.

Sonic can freely roam the fields without any restrictions. The sonic inflation will go to a carnival-like level when the player stops and presses a button. This is similar to Chaotix Speed Slider Zone, which loops in an endless loop. Once one minute has passed, the circus level is over and a new “field” level starts. The player must pause and hit another button to return to the Techno Tower Zone level. This will bring him or her back with a new palette. There are four total.

The level selection menu also offers a stage selection, which locks the ROM

  • The Chaotix Connection

Although Sonic and Tails have been removed from the final Knuckles’ Chaotix version, some believe there is still evidence that they were part of the original game as demonstrated in Sonic Crackers. Here is a brief summary of some of this evidence:

It appears that Techno Tower is present in Sonic Crackers. They could have been removed during an early stage of development. Sonic and Tails could also have been used as placeholders for characters that were not yet created. A version of Speed Slider, which was an early version, can also be accessed.

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Mighty the Armadillo has been replaced by Sonic. This was proven by the sprites looking similar and Mighty taking over the first character slot in place of Knuckles.

You can manually choose which character you wish to play with the Level Select cheat code in Knuckles’ Chaotix. Mighty the Armadillo appears in the first slot. This is where you’d find Sonic in the Mega Drive Sonic Games. A character. is listed second. You can choose this character and play it in-game. It behaves as Tails and uses a scrambled Knuckles’ tileset. Fans have given this character the nickname “Wechnia”. This is where Tails was once. The programmers did not delete the slot entirely when he was gone, but simply changed the name of the pointers.

Two copies of Heavy and Sonic Crackers Bomb are included in the Combi Catcher, as opposed to one for all other characters. Fans believe the gold wedding bands extra space would have been reserved to Sonic & Tails. However, it is possible that the duplicates were created from the beginning to increase the chance of a player getting a ‘lesser character’.

Sonic Crackers stage chooses to refer to levels as “attractions” instead of ‘zones”

Knuckles’ Chaotix music tracks “Walkin'”, “Hyper-Hyper”, “Evening Star”, “Moonrise”, and “Walkin'” can be heard in Sonic Crackers. Also, the Game Over theme for the first two Sonic games can be heard.

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Knuckles’ Chaotix contains two arrows in the “character switch” box. One is blue and one is orange. These arrows represent Sonic and Tails.

Sonic Crackers was also suggested by other theories that are now discredited

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Critics point out the use of Sonic 1 rather than Sonic 3 Sprites in Sonic the Hedgehog 4. They claim that Crackers was not built on the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 engine like the two previous sequels.

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Proponents of a hoax pointed to “19940401” in the title screen. They cited this as April 1, 1994. This theory was rejected due to the amount of work required and the many pieces of art that remain, which suggest the game was still in development rather than an unfinished piece.

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