Tips For A Budget-Friendly Trip To Disney

Travel Update

Most young children dream of the day when they will go to Disney World, and many of them find that their dreams come true. However, when parents are trying to plan vacations for the entire family, they might find that such a trip is really not within their budget. What are some ways you can make this trip easier on your bank account?

The Hotels You Choose

Staying inside of Disney certainly has perks, but doing so is also considerably more expensive than choosing another property. You can look for the hotels that are off the grounds of Disney but that still offer bus transportation. Renting a car would obviously add on an extra expense, so you do want to have these shuttle buses. Generally, the rides are longer and buses are only offered every hour or so. However, if you can make this situation work, you will save a lot of money on the hotel.

A Hearty Breakfast

Of course, you are going to wind up buying some food at the parks; that is practically unavoidable. Still though, you can eat more at breakfast to keep yourself fuller throughout the day. For example, some of the hotels might offer a complimentary breakfast. Instead of waiting until the last second to get ready, head downstairs earlier on in the day. Before you get on the bus, you can get your fill. As a result, you will not have to spend unnecessary money on food and beverages throughout the day.

When to Travel

Naturally, when you travel during a business season, it is going to cost more than if you travel during an off-season. This fact is particularly true for Disney World because families go when children are off from school for the summer, spring break or Christmas vacation. You could try to plan a trip for very early or very late in the summer when some children are in school. When kids are very young, you might even consider taking them out of school for a few days to save money on plane tickets and hotels.

Buy Park Hopper Passes

Think about how much money it’s going to cost if you are constantly buying park passes throughout the day and going back and forth from park to park. If you have been to Disney before, then you know that the establishment has Park Hopper passes. For one price, you will be able to go back and forth to the park as many times as you would like throughout the day. On top of that, you might find that you are able to get special deals and offers. For example, the parks might stay open late just for Park Hopper people.

Making the Drive

A lot of people fly when they are taking a trip To Disney, and this is evident from the traffic at the airport in Orlando. Plane tickets can cost hundreds of even thousands of dollars for a family though, and you want to make sure that you are not spending all of your money on travel costs. Instead, you can make the decision to drive there. All of the adults in the car can split the gas and tolls to make it easier. Is Disney World just too far away for you to drive to? Well then, consider going on a vacation to Disney Land instead!

Plenty of people, no matter what their ages are, want to go to Disney World; however, it’s not always the most affordable trip. When you follow the aforementioned suggestions and tips, you’ll really be able to go a trip that you love.